As winter approaches there are plenty of reasons to chase the heat and there is no better opportunity to do so than by heading north to Port Douglas. Our Port Douglas resort has numerous jobs vacancies open for you to help go put the world on vacation. With the Trans-Tasman bubble now formed, the hospitality industry is ready to gain an influx of business from our neighbouring nation and will be energised by the upcoming seasonal holidays.

Nigel is our Resort Manager at Port Douglas and he wants you to explore the numerous opportunities available to join his team today! Nigel is hitting his 3 year anniversary with Wyndham and as you can tell, he is grateful and passionate about his role at Port Douglas.

Along with being based in one of Australia’s fondest holiday destinations, our resort in Port Douglas offers many unique experiences that you will get the chance to facilitate and partake in as a Wyndham employee located near one of the 7 wonders of the world-The Great Barrier Reef. Wildlife habitats, bike riding, sailing trips and various hotel based activities are many of the reasons to apply today.

As we shared in our previous blog, working with Wyndham you have the opportunity to live what you provide as an employee and by being in the escape of Northern Queensland there is no better chance to do just that. Discounted hotel stays, attractive salaries and professional development funding are just a few perks of being a Wyndham employee beyond this chance to live and assist our customers experience in paradise.